Chris is also available to serve as an arbitrator for civil disputes. 

Arbitration is a private dispute resolution method with a decision-maker agreed to by the parties.  Arbitration is typically governed by a contract (the "Arbitration Agreement") and a set of rules which may be incorporated into the Arbitration Agreement.

Chris has participated in arbitrations and prepared Arbitration Agreements for years, and has presented to other lawyers and arbitrators on the preparation of such agreements and the application of various arbitration rules.  Chris can assist parties wishing to arbitrate to draft a post-dispute agreement to govern their arbitration.

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Chris is a mediator in Charlotte, North Carolina.  After representing parties in mediation for 15 years as an attorney, Chris became certified by the NC Dispute Resolution Commission as a Superior Court Mediator in 2014.

Chris brings a wealth of experience in mediation and negotiation to the table and is eager to help you assist your clients in reaching negotiated solutions to their issues.

Parties may schedule mediation by using the link below.  Please agree on a date before selecting a date on the calendar, as that date will then become unavailable for others. 

By default, ADR scheduled through the calendar will start at 9:00am, but parties are free to agree to a different time.  If the parties elect a different time, please notify Chris via email at, referencing the parties' names and mediation date in the subject line of the email.

Because the calendar blocks entire days for certain conflicts that don't take all day, if the only days that work for you appear to be blocked, confirm Chris' availability by clicking below:

Reservations made through the interactive calendar are tentative.  Chris reserves the right to decline or cancel a mediation due to a conflict of interest or other similar reason.  Reservations are final upon receipt of an email back from Hicks Law confirming the date and time of the mediation.