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No one goes into marriage anticipating divorce.  When a spouse decides, either alone, or jointly with the other spouse, to end a marriage, it can be an overwhelming event, both emotionally and financially.  Having a trusted advisor to help you navigate those times can help ease the burdens that come from dissolving the marriage.

There is often a lot of uncertainty surrounding the dissolution of a marriage.  Separation forces people to face some of the most fundamental questions:


Where will you live? 

Where will the kids live? 

How often and under what circumstances will each parent get to spend time with the children? 

How will you pay your bills?

These are some pretty "big-ticket" issues to resolve and the answer is not always clear. 

That said, just understanding the law can help give you the confidence to move forward and do what needs to be done to set the stage for the remainder of your life, as well as your kids' lives.  It's not always pleasant, but having someone remove at least some of the uncertainty goes a long way.

Chris has experience in all facets of family law practice.  He has helped people navigate their most personal issues, including child custody and child support, domestic violence, division of their assets, and spousal support, often under extremely difficult circumstances. 

Chris promotes a cooperative approach to resolving the financial and logistical issues that arise when spouses separate.  Mediation is a fantastic tool that allows the parties to structure their "post-marriage" relationship by agreement. 

Think about it, no one knows your family the way that you do.   No one, including judges who will learn about your family over the course of hours or days, based on documents and your answers to questions posed by attorneys, has the depth of insight into you and your children possessed by you.  It makes sense that the two spouses are typically in the best position to make decisions regarding their family.

Unfortunately, not all disputes can be resolved by agreement.  In those cases, Chris has the courtroom experience and credibility necessary to fight effectively on your behalf.

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